Women and Cardiovascular Disease from Multiple Perspectives – I

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Three Lectures from Stanford University Medical Center faculty
Moderated by: Hannah Valantine, M.D.
Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular, and Associate Dean for Diversity and Leadership
Stanford University Medical Center

Moderator’s Overview:
In her opening statement, Dr. Valantine shared the guiding and expansive vision that is the foundation of the program called Women’s Heart Health at Stanford. The program is designed to raise and help to answer one of the most compelling questions of the early 21st century: Is there a difference between men and women regarding heart health, and if so, should we be doing something different? Dr. Valantine reminded the audience that while death rates from heart disease are decreasing in men, they are in fact increasing in women, and it is important to know that women with cardiovascular diseases often arrive in a doctor’s office or emergency room with a different constellation of symptoms than men. This series of three topical lectures presented during one evening, offered an overview of the heart diseases most effecting women, a discussion of the treatments, and updates on the latest news on research at Stanford.

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