Southern Health News Library

Your trusted gateway to Lippincott content, including our most popular textbooks and multimedia assets for medical, pharmaceutical, and other health sciences courses. Lippincott Health Library collections can be complete or in smaller sections, such as Anatomical Sciences, Osteopathic Medicine, or Horn Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The site is now available on the Southern Health Library platform for students and faculty to use.

Intuitive user interface with text and multimedia interface that can be easily accessed or searched by asset type.
Improved title/reading view for the “Download to PowerPoint” feature.
Advanced search features, including semantic markup and filtering by topic, are an essential part of comprehensive course learning.
Hundreds of case studies, each with a brief description for use in case or issue-specific training.
“Web responsive design” that identifies devices in use and adjusts views accordingly.
Multimedia such as videos, animations and quizzes, compatible with iOS devices, for continuous viewing.
Facility administrators will appreciate COUNTER-compliant usage data obtained through administrator login, as well as a central part of the site, user retention tools for users with MARC records, and more. Please contact Lippincott or an Ovid representative for collection and pricing information.